The Company

We're a small, innovative and agile company. Our aim is to make your life easier

Adviser Portals Ltd, changed their name from IFA Portals Ltd on 20 November 2012, a move intended to reflect how the advice market was changing post Retail Distribution Review.

The company itself was established in 2004 following extensive market research by Manchester-based IFA Mark Barry. Mark was looking for a website solution to service his existing client base and increase his efficiency, profitability and market share. No existing solution quite suited his needs, and after a further 12 months of research and development, IFA Portals as it was then, was launched.

At Adviser Portals our mission is very simple: to provide compliant, cost effective and functional content, tools and websites to IFAs, Appointed Representatives and Mortgage Brokers.

Our practical and customer oriented approach, together with 30 years experience in the marketplace puts us in a unique position to deliver on this.

In 2008 we launched a new website management system which provided networks and service providers with much greater control over the content used by their members on their websites. This platform also allowed us to grow from circa 50 clients to over 600.

Whilst we've been innovating and adding value to 'platform 2' over the past 4 years, in May 2012 we launched 'Centro', our third and most innovative new website platform yet. Providing 'content-as-a-service' (CaaS), Centro, enables Advisers and developers everywhere, to build feature-rich websites using content, tools and functionalty managed by Adviser Portals.

We are now looking at developing our “ Next Generation “ platform to further enhance our offering to include HTTPS and Online Purchasing of General Insurance so watch this space!