Some of our most frequently asked questions, answered. It's a FAQ

Can I use my existing domain?

Yes, our technical team will assist you with this procedure.

Can I add additional pages to my AdviserPortal website?

Yes, you can add as many pages as you like using the built in content management system (CMS).

What is the minimum contract term?

There's no minimum contract term, but if you do wish to cancel your contract we just ask that you give us 30 days notice.

Can I Track My Site Using Google Analytics?

Yes. You will need to sign up for an Analytics account through the Google website and then add the tracking code to your site. We have a useful guide on how to do this in our Resources section.

How do I back up my AdviserPortal website files and data?

We do this for you. On our Centro platform, your website is hosted on a virtual machine which in the event of hardware failure can be instantly re-provisioned on new hardware. We also backup your data and files nightly pushing a copy of each backup to off-server storage.

How long does it take to get my domain name working with my AdviserPortal website?

A simple DNS change often goes live as soon as it is made (but can take up to 24 hours).